In the past couple of days large gantries and electronic display panels have been erected which soar at least three metres above the Hobson St Bridge.

Like imposing sentries in battle-grey steel wearing heavy concrete boots, they stand astride the motorway to support electronic traffic information display panels. These over-sized meccano sets now block a view to the ferry terminal and the harbour and they interfere with other vistas of Thorndon. Walk the bridge … what do you think? Comment below … or if you want to let WCC know your views call 499 4444, quote ref 1790149.


This brings to mind the impending conversation that our community is going to commence on managing heritage property and other values, such as streetscapes in Thorndon.

There is no question that motorway safety is important … but, these imposing monstrosities look like stage or movie sets. Nothing any resident could do will match this level of violation of streetscapes.

Not distant from the unsightly gantrie that now crowds the Hobson St bridge there is a plaque embedded in a stone wall. It dates from 1972 and records an environmental award for the care and consideration of environmental values that were an outstanding feature of the design of the motorway and its landscapes.

It reads ” care for the surroundings have restored and enhanced the qualities of the environment traversed by this new road “.

Has it taken only until 2009 for approving authorities (and engineers) to abandon good environmental principles and design concepts?