Pedestrian Easement over Thorndon School – Connecting Turnbull Street to Hobson Crescent

Open and read the Memorandum of Understanding between the TRA and the Thorndon School Board of Trustees regarding public access through the school ground during school hours.

Click the links below to view the approved easement for pedestrian access past the Thorndon School.

20220810 Registered Easement – Pedestrian Right of Way
20220610 DP 569151 being Title Plan of Easement – Pedestrian Right of Way
20220810 Record of Title – Subject to a pedestrian right of way

The Wellington Recollect website is a brilliant resource. Search for Thorndon and you’ll find information about our region. Zoom-in on photos to pick out a considerable amount of detail.

CoverWell is an advocacy group set in 2023 up by a group of Apartment Owners/Body Corporate Chairs concerned about the affordability and availability of insurance in Wellington. Open to download flyers for Body Corporate Chairs. You can also access a Form for providing contact details and some information about your building. Also on this page is 3-page document which may help to fill some of the gaps with how EQC works for apartments.