Traffic Resolution – Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to city

To find out why the WCC are proposing the change, what they’d like to do, impacts, location, etc, click the link below:

ALERT 1 February 2023

This notice is for residents/citizens of Thorndon/Pipitea who need to visit the Wellington Regional Hospital (Riddiford St, Newtown) or the Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre situated in Adelaide Rd (also known as the After Hours Medical Centre). The Centre also has an after hours pharmacy.

There is presently only limited car parking available at the Accident and Urgent Medical Centre, as illustrated in the photo above. The dearth of further parking along both sides of Adelaide Rd arises from their removal in December 2022 to make space for dedicated lanes for bicycles and buses.

Kent and Cambridge terraces are roads along the route typically navigated from Thorndon to these important facilities.

Update 31 January 2023

Update 18 January 2023


3 November 22 – Website page for the Thorndon Connections project live:


5 July 22 – Proposal is promulgated and submissions invited. There has been a letter box drop in the affected area, an advertisement in the newspaper and some social media notifications.

19 July 22 – Community gathering to enable face to face contact and questioning with WCC Project Team

UPDATE  –  The community meeting was well supported. CLICK HERE to view the slide stack that the officers used.

26 July 22 – Submissions close. Submissions can be on-line, following an online questionnaire format (with facility for additional comments) or the questionnaire can be downloaded and printed/posted, or your submission can be free format and sent in by email to .

UPDATECLICK HERE to view the TRA Submission.

More information is on WCC’s website:

When submitting on the Traffic Resolution you need to indicate if you wish to make an oral presentation. Consider this important opportunity to highlight key aspects of your submission.

2 August 22 – Oral hearings. These are likely to be five-minute time slots with visual presentations allowed.

11 August 22 – Meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee of the Council to approve the cycle way provisions.

Progress update for Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to city route
25 November 2022

Pedestrian upgrades in place at The Terrace/Bowen Street intersection

A new pedestrian crossing is now live at the intersection of The Terrace and Bowen Street, meaning people can now cross on both sides of this intersection. This improvement for people walking is part of the central city pedestrian improvement work being led by Let’s Get Wellington Moving.

New bus stop platform due to be installed next week

A new bus stop platform (like the ones outside the hospital on Riddiford Street) will be installed next week on Tinakori Road opposite St Mary Street. Depending on the weather, this should take about one week to install.

At these bus stop platforms, bus users have the right of way. Everyone should check for bikes and take extra care. People on bikes should slow down and stop for people getting on and off buses.

The bus will stop within the traffic lane, so vehicles will need to wait behind a bus when it’s picking up or dropping off passengers. In-lane bus stops like these help improve the bus service efficiency.

To find out more about these platforms, you can watch the webinar below. We hosted this webinar in June 2022 to give people an opportunity to learn more about the new bus stop platforms being installed around Wellington, and ask any questions.

Work still underway at Tinakori Road/Bowen Street intersection

Our contractors are also working on intersection improvements for Bowen Street and Tinakori Road. This work includes creating the new slip lane to make it safer for people to bike around the corner without getting into conflict with people on bikes, and installing tactile pavers at the crossing points for people walking. We expect this intersection work to be finished in about three weeks.

Separated lanes starting to be installed

As part of providing a connected route for people to ride to and from the city, separators are now starting to be installed from this intersection up to the entrance of the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā. To complete the fully separated uphill route for people riding from the city, separators will also be installed up Bowen Street prior to Christmas.

Our team will be delivering reminders of these changes to cars parking along the route, as the existing car parks will be removed as this work is done.

Mural preparation starting soon

A mural will be painted at the bottom of Bowen Street and The Terrace in the coming weeks, and prep work for the site will be underway. This area will be coned off during the work, so please take care along this work site.

Next steps in the new year

Following this work, we’ll be installing the final section of the route along Whitmore Street in the new year. Visit to see the full plans for this route.

Thank you again for your patience while we continue work on this route.

If you want to contact us about this project, you can email

Ngā mihi, City Design team, Wellington City Council

Submission: Thorndon Resident Association (TRA) submission to Traffic Resolution 134-22 Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to City Cycleway

This document is a general submission made on behalf of the Thorndon Residents Association (TRA). There are also more specific submissions made by the impacted Thorndon residents and businesses and visitor group (who’s position the TRA fully supports) and individual TRA members.


Breakdown of submissions at 28 July 2022:
Total submissions received: 638
Submissions made via online form: 622
Submissions made via email: 16
People who indicated that they would like to make an oral submission: 34
Note: 4 duplicate submissions – taking the total number in the consultation summary to 634

Committee to consider bus and bike improvements 11th August 2022

We wanted to let you know that Pūroro Āmua, our Planning and Environment Committee, will consider the bus and bike improvements planned between Botanic Garden ki Paekākā and the city and feedback received during the recent traffic resolution consultation at a meeting this coming Thursday 11 August. The Zoom meeting is due to start at 9.30am. The paper about route is towards the end of the agenda.

You can watch the meeting live on Thursday on the Council’s YouTube channel or view the recording on this channel later.

Here is the agenda for the meeting.

You can read the TR134-22 Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to City Bike and Bus Improvements Traffic Resolution Committee report.

The consultation summary document can be found from page 23 of the pdf.
A report showing responses to the main themes submitters raised beings at page 79 of the pdf.

The minutes outlining what the Councillors and Mayor decide will be added to this web page a few days after the meeting.


On the 11th August 2022 WCC’s Planning and Environment Committee decided to adopt the cycleway plan for Tinakori Rd to Whitmore St, the only amendment being that the clearway on the downhill side of Tinakori Rd will be from 7AM-10AM not 7AM-9AM. The 10 minute park outside the dairy will be removed. A motion by Councillor Young to have a clearway uphill on Tinakori Rd was defeated, so all parking on that side of the road will be removed. Councillor Young’s vote was the only vote against the overall plan.

This experiment will run for 2 years. Suggestions for changes can be made within that time. More immediate consequences, ideally supported by facts and figures, could be presented to Council with requests for change to these transitional arrangements.

The next Thorndon streets to have separated cycle lanes designs prepared for them are Molesworth, Mulgrave and Murphy Streets.

The considerable efforts and contributions of the Thorndon community were acknowledged by the Chair. A full recording of the meeting is here:

This WCC page announced the decision