Caring Stay

Caring Stay

CaringStay Ltd is a network of private homes that offer a place for...

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Transport Projects Nov 2023

Transport Projects Nov 2023

Tinakori Road pedestrian crossing improvements / What to expect during work / Further work on Thorndon Connections in early 2024

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Wellington’s Draft District Plan

Kia ora,

Wellington’s Draft District Plan – the first fully revised planning rulebook in more than 20 years was considered by the City Council’s Pūroro Āmua Planning and Environment Committee on 20 October (consultation started on 2 November).

The plan deals with the major planning issues facing the city and region in the next two to three decades – including population growth, housing affordability, protecting the City’s biodiversity,  transport, climate change and natural hazards.

The committee agenda, including the Draft District Plan, can be viewed on the WCC website.

Combined Residents and Community Associations Draft District Plan Briefing – Nov 2021

Residents and Community Associations Briefing – Questions and Answers

Consultation roadshow and launch event

If approved, the Draft District Plan consultation will happen alongside the consultation for the Bike Network and Let’s Get Wellington Moving’s mass rapid transit options.

LIVE WELLington is a new group which promotes Wellington as a liveable city, which has great housing for all while protecting the things we love. LIVE WELLington has emerged from concerns felt across the city about how proposed planning and design changes could adversely affect our city’s future. LIVE WELLington will provide a collective resource for evidence based solutions that TRA and others can use.


Wellington City Council Notice 18th June 2021

Feedback on the draft Spatial Plan told us that people are looking for a vibrant, liveable city. There was lots of focus on intensifying housing, the natural environment, caring for the city’s unique character, and making sure our city’s infrastructure is up for the job. We listened carefully to all the feedback and have made some changes as a result. You’ll see a good overview of the themes and changes in the summary document.

Ngā mihi – Clare and the team

More information:

Click here to read the Spatial Plan Online Document (draft: subject to change pending Council approval 24 June 2021). This contains mapping/info about the proposed changes in the inner city suburbs.

Click here to listen to the interview on RNZ Morning Report – Wellington Mayor expecting debate over latest spatial plan.

Spatial Plan + District Plan Review

TRA AGM 2021 – a presentation by Liam Hodgetts

To view and download the slide presentation, click here or on the image below.

Thorndon Quay – Consultation on Major Changes

Have your say on significant road layout changes proposed for Thorndon Quay.

There has been a dialogue running for many years on a wide range of options for improving Thorndon Quay. Now a proposal exists on preferred changes intended to improve safety, prioritise bus journeys and provide better facilities for cycling and walking.

The latest consultation period opened 9.00am 11 May and finishes 5.00pm 8 June 2021.
Please submit your feedback by filling out an online form at This can also be accessed through the page.

Besides the obvious impacts on businesses in the Quay, the Association notes the potential for consequences for residents beyond this key arterial route in/out of the city. A phased approach is to commence with changing the parking layout on Thorndon Quay from angled parking to parallel parking. With the reduction in parking spaces it is acknowledged that this could have wider flow-on impacts.

It is claimed that consideration has been given to the impact of reduced parking during stadium events, including parking demand in areas like Hobson Street, Hobson Crescent, Moturoa Street, etc where there could be an increase in complaints for inconsiderate parking. It is acknowledged that parking will continue to be in high demand for major events and that further encouragement of public transport use is an option to offset this demand. However the proposal claims that ‘Good parking management is currently in place to protect the parking needs of Thorndon. These parking management measures will be investigated further if stadium event parking demands create inconvenience to the Thorndon community past these boundaries.’

More is revealed here:
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Our city is growing. The District Plan is up for review. The decisions we make now will shape the way we live, for decades

In the next 30 years Wellington will be home to 50,000 to 80,000 more people. That’s going to have a big impact on where, and how we live.

At Council, it’s our job to make sure our city has a diverse range of housing. People want to live in communities that are safe from earthquakes and rising sea-levels, in a city that is green, compact, inclusive, and vibrant.

What is Planning for Growth?

Planning for Growth is a project about the people of Wellington and bringing the things we love and value about our city into the conversation about how we plan for the city’s future growth. Planning for Growth builds on the goals from Our City Tomorrow and includes the development of a Spatial Plan for the City as well as a full review of the Wellington City District Plan. Both of which will impact and shape Wellington’s urban environment

Community Engagement Schedule

WCC feedback on the Draft Spatial Plan  (closed 5 October 2020)

The Association made a submission on the Wellington City Council’s draft spatial plan.

Click these links to read the COVER LETTER and SUBMISSION from TRA.


The spatial plan underpins key policy directions. It influences zoning and the District Plan and guides Council’s investment in transport, community facilities, infrastructure, etc.

The draft Spatial Plan suggests potential significant changes for parts (or all) of Thorndon e.g.
proposed change from Inner Residential to Central Area District Plan zone.

Read more here

The map below shows the extent of ‘eastern’ Thorndon proposed to be re-zoned as ‘Central Area’.

Thorndon is NZ’s oldest suburb. It has been carefully planned as an ‘inner city’ suburb and this has helped maintain the special feel of the place, at the gateway into city. (Central City tab)

Representatives from the Thorndon Residents Association recently attended the Our City Tomorrow community workshop and below is the presentation from the workshop. All feedback from the workshop is currently being analysed by Council officers and TRA will keep the community informed of progress.


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