Thorndon Connections

Draft Detailed Design Plans Released to the TRA on 3 February 2023.

No consultation.

On 31 January 2023 Thorndon Residents’ Association made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council:

Dear Wellington City Council,
Please provide a digital copy of EVERY, or any, engineering drawing that details the present state-of-play regarding proposed layout changes being considered for all the streets that form any part of the proposed Thorndon connections routes of the Bike Network. The Association appreciates that the drawings will have a ‘draft’ status, being a work-in-progress.
Yours faithfully, Thorndon Residents’ Association

The Council has provided us with some detailed information about plans to reallocate street space and traffic lanes, and accommodate separated/dedicated cycle lanes. These are not the ‘final’ plans, but 90% is somewhat informative.

Letter from Claudia Holgate Senior Advisor, Official Information, Wellington City Council: