There is general consensus that we have more than a fair share of traffic issues in Thorndon. We’ve been taking a traditional approach to these, engaging the City’s officers and experts, etc.

However, apparently there is another pathway.

Could the residents of Thorndon be traffic tamers? Help ourselves to the solutions? Can we, the residents of Thorndon, slow down the traffic?
Apparently so … just by being here, and by behaving in subtle, different ways. Just by changing mindsets.

It is possible to regain control of traffic in a community. It is possible to withdraw the unwritten permission we grant drivers to speed along our streets. It is possible to reassert control, over time, in a way that’s more effective than traffic engineers and regulator’s signage.

A more vibrant and socialised community will positively change traffic and driver behaviour. Brisbane-based social innovator David Engwicht writes and lectures about ways to reclaim suburbs, build vibrant communities and tame traffic. Also on Radio NZ this morning.