CaringStay Ltd is a network of private homes that offer a place for individuals in need of respite. We are a new company with a mission to offer comfort and care to individuals who should not be alone for various reasons. Our guests might have recently left the hospital and need support before their follow-up appointments, or they may feel weak and vulnerable with limited local support networks.

Our website – – room booking engine, and sales & marketing efforts are handled by CaringStay Limited.

While CaringStay does not provide medical care, we adhere to Department of Health guidelines as appropriate. Our focus is on offering individuals in need a caring and supportive environment for a few days, where they can receive non-medical companionship, along with food and comfort.

Certified Hosts, our homeowners, offer a comfortable space to guests during their time of rest and recovery. These homes create an inviting atmosphere where guests can unwind in privacy and with dignity.

We carefully select our hosts, ensuring they pass police checks, provide local references, and meet our standards for comfort and safety. The majority will be retired people with nice homes and a spare room or two. People whose retirement savings might do with a top up.

Guests will be charged for their room, typically ranging from $125 to $250 per day (minimum 2 days), in addition to any food or additional services they choose to purchase from their host. Food costs are additional and vary depending on the guest’s appetite. All charges are agreed upon in advance.

This is organised and booked through the CaringStay website.

Our service is delivered by the compassionate and customer-focused hosts, who are dedicated to ensuring customer well being. For example, one of our hosts has suggested providing a take-home starter pack of groceries (eggs, butter, and milk etc) for guests who have been away from home for a bit, along with a meal that they can heat up when they’re ready.

We encourage our hosts to get personal and friendly with guests.

Lizzie Scott, ex IBM NZ, founder and shareholder, brings three years of experience in the social services sector (MSD Wellington Regional office) as well as a twenty-year background in running an executive search recruitment business in Europe.

The idea for CaringStay has been quite a few years in development.

Please contact Lizzie Scott –    – 021 0902-9570

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