Letter to the editor:

TheWellingtonianArticleThanks for your great front page story on Thorndon (August, 12). Good to see The Wellingtonian focused on such an important Wellington issue.

Just a small point, the letterbox drop late February 2009 was a council letter to residents, not from the Thorndon Residents’ Association (TRA).

Vivien Rickard’s comment “We are looking at preparing a district plan change and that’s not something that a Council can do in partnership” is at odds with an earlier undertaking from council officer Teena Pennington for TRA to be involved in shaping the content of any District Plan rules. While residents would expect council planning officers to draft the words, TRA has already accepted council’s offer.

TRA’s motto is “Nothing about us, without us” in Thorndon as Council moves forward with their work.

Finally a note of thanks for Councils fresh‐thinking in Thorndon – long may participatory democracy continue. And thank you to your reporter for his extensive interview.

Lance Gunderson
Melissa Ludlow
Co-Chairs Heritage Sub-committee
Thorndon Residents’ Association
Proudly supporting the Thorndon Community