To protect anything, you have to understand what it is you are protecting.

According to the Council this is suitable and requires protection from the ordinary person who might create a desirable home.


On the other hand this is unsuitable to be built because it uses aluminium joinery to provide an insulated and minimise risk of a leaky home. In addition the use of aluminium is more durable during an earthquake –0 what does the Civil Defence Building use?

The type of window is from First and of course is designed for modern people even allowing the window to pivot for easy cleaning. Do our Urban designers understand modern living?


These windows have been installed in a home in Karori (fortunately not under the influence of Urban planners).


This is a window from the Civil Defence building showing a building in sympathy with its surroundings using aluminium joinery.


Finally if we wish to improve our streetscape then the Council needs to give consideration to its pollution of the streetscape with overhead cables and a multitude of signage every 20 yards or so.


Thorndon needs to provide a vibrant living environment for its modern residents in the 21st century.

Tony Hood
126 Tinakori Road