WCC is proceeding with a proposal to hold two organised walks around Thorndon that will be especially designed to better engage residents in the place-based study which is currently underway.

It is also planned to book a stall at the Hill Street Farmers Market to help advertise what is going on.

The objective of both the stall and walks is to publicise background information which has been gathered (including through past community consultation) and which is now being used in a place-based study. Both officers and TRA sub-commmittee members intend to be available to answer questions and/or provide information about the processes to date. There will be opportunities for anyone to provide feedback.

WCC’s urban planners are keen to move on this consultation proposal. They would also like to know who might be available to help prepare for (and guide) the walks and to provide local background information (in particular streets) and commentary. If you would like to participate in this way please let us know.

The timing so far would suggest that the stall would be set up on one or two Saturday mornings in April (not Easter); and the walks could then take place on the same weekends on either or both the Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning or afternoon.

The suggested dates for these events are 9 and 16 April 2011. TRA members – please let the committee know whether you would like to help on either or both of these two weekends.

Once the dates are confirmed the two opportunities for the community to engage, will be notified by way of a letter sent to all residents and ratepayers in Thorndon and also through the ‘Our Wellington Page’ in the Dominion-Post.