As a citizen, rate payer and long time resident of Thorndon I would like to seek clarification from the Thorndon Residents Association (TRA) on the progress made by the Wellington City Council to resolve the issue of the historic precinct and the matters relating to its proposed requirements to ‘police’ renovation and building within the area.

Am I correct in understanding that the Wellington City Council (Council), after over a year of consultation, brought about mainly by the efforts of the TRA and interested parties, has made no decision about this matter? Does this mean the Council has given up its time wasting and ludicrous plans to dictate what resident owners can and cannot do to their properties?

The Council’s misguided work must have cost thousands of dollars while the Council boffins worked tirelessly to be as uncooperative as possible to find a way of planning for others properties. Let alone the hours of work, given freely by the TRA members and other concerned citizens to the consultation and development of cases against the regulations and policies that were to be mandated.

At a time of fiscal tension I would have thought the Council should have been more careful with its spending. At a time when citizens are meant to be consulted with and an honest dialogue is encouraged it has been very sad to see a ‘Clayton’s democratic process of consultation’ in play and then no conclusion. This is not a game to residents of the area. If there is so much money in the Council’s coffers let’s have a few pavements fixed and better lighting in the suburb.

Since all went quiet I have noticed on my walks around the area changes being made to houses that are in keeping with the heritage look of the suburb. There has been no need for ‘policing’. These owners have sympathy for the ‘look’ of the suburb, bringing back the grace and charm of older properties which have been in decline for years. Congratulations to those who have brought fresh life to rundown parts of Thorndon and completed their building with care and sympathy to the surrounding dwellings and suburb as a whole.

Perhaps the Council could review what it is looking at and take a focused view on the ugly buildings encroaching on the area e.g. Muturoa St. Glass and steel overhanging in all directions (great for an earthquake) and the large monstrosity being built in Molesworth St. What an irony. For so many years the site of the Thai Embassy was the haunt for drug addicts, run-aways and the graffiti kings and queens of Wellington. The building was unsafe with few floors still remaining and an eyesore that haunted the area. Neither the Council, Police nor other authorities were interested in cleaning up this area. Public Health and Safety went out the window. Oh sorry it was diplomatic land – not good enough. No other rate payer would get away with this type of neglect.

Is the Council willing to now write that the flawed process of imposing additional restrictions, policies, regulations and permits is OVER?