The thinking caps are now on for the place-based study of residential Thorndon. This proposal was an outcome following the extensive consultation undertaken during 2009/10 on options for managing Thorndon’s residential heritage.

An initial meeting was held this week with WCC’s Director Strategy, Planning and Urban Design (Teena Pennington) and others, including Councillors. Teena has extended the invitation to the community to provide feedback on the suggested approach. In particular, ideas on overall project engagement and ideas on specific engagement opportunities that would be helpful at defined stages of the project.

It is envisaged that an engagement plan will be confirmed in conjunction with the Thorndon community.

Update (23 September)
The TRA sub-committee has carefully reviewed WCC’s initial documents. The committee has provided comments and redrawn the diagram of the proposed workflow (to emphasise the importance of engagement of the community as an active part of the decision-making process).

TRA feedback
community collaboration model / workflow diagram