From 1 February 2024, the materials councils can accept in their kerbside recycling collections will be the same across the country.

Luckily for Wellingtonians there are no changes to the type of materials we accept for recycling, but this is a good opportunity to make sure you are recycling right.

How to recycle

  • Check the bottom of plastic containers, bottles and trays for the numbers 1, 2 or 5 inside the recycling symbol.
  • Remove all container and bottle lids, triggers and pumps – these can go in your rubbish. The Tip Shop and Recycle Centre and Sustainability Trust have free collection points for metal bottle caps, jar lids, and plastic lids (types 2 and 5 only).
  • Rinse all plastics, tins, cans and glass.
  • Don’t squash plastic, tins and cans – squashing makes them harder for the machine to sort.
  • Do flatten cardboard and break up large boxes.
  • Place all recycling items loosely in your bin or bag so they can easily be collected or emptied.

What can go in your recycling

Paper and cardboard
Tins and cans

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