Wadestown drop-in sessions and advance notice of work starting

Drop-in sessions in early February

As part of developing a possible new parking scheme to help address parking pressures in Wadestown and designs for part two of Wadestown Connections, we’re holding drop-in sessions in the second week of February.

You’ll be able to talk with the team about possible options for parking zones in the Wadestown area, and likely parking removal on Blackbridge Road and Wadestown Road (excluding the shopping centre) as part of completing Wadestown Connections through to Churchill Drive. Proposed designs for this would most likely include more broken yellow lines and less parking to make things safer and easier for buses and other traffic using the route.

The drop-in sessions will be at Wadestown Library, corner of Moorhouse Street and Lennel Road:

Thursday 8 February, 1:30pm–3pm
Saturday 10 February 10:30am–11.45am


Work coming up on Wadestown Road

Work to install street changes for part one of Wadestown Connections will be starting later in February. These changes will make it safer and easier for everyone travelling up Wadestown Road. People driving won’t have to cross the centre line to get past parked cars or get stuck behind people biking uphill.

On Wadestown Road, contractors will:

  • re-seal Wadestown Road between Grant Road and Orchard Street as part of our routine maintenance programme
  • paint new line markings for the uphill bike lane on this section of Wadestown Road and the sharrow markings on the shared downhill traffic lane – after the chip seal has settled and the road has been swept
  • raise two pedestrian crossings at Wadestown village to help slow the traffic to the 30km/h speed limit and make it safer for people to cross the road.

Following the resealing, contractors will paint the remaining sections of bike lane and install speed humps on Park Street, Grant Road, Wadestown Road (between Orchard Street and Pitt Street), Lennel Road, Hosking Lane, Barnard Street, and Grosvenor Terrace.