CoverWell is an advocacy group set in 2023 up by a group of Apartment Owners/Body Corporate Chairs concerned about the affordability and availability of insurance in Wellington.

They believe the current state of insurance for apartment buildings is unsustainable and will have a significant impact on apartment life and the city.

Apartment buildings and townhouse developments in unit title ownership, company share or cross-lease ownership are in scope. The key is that building insurance is purchased as a single policy.

For more information visit the CoverWell website:

Open to download flyers for Body Corporate Chairs. You can also access a Form for providing contact details and some information about your building. Also on this page is 3-page document which may help to fill some of the gaps with how EQC works for apartments.

For more information contact Geraldine Murphy:


‘The Post’ article January 20th 2024: Quake compliance costs burying apartment owners

Excerpt: How much is a life worth? $1.86 billion dollars if you own an earthquake prone apartment, apparently.

The dream of hassle-free inner city living for many is crumbling under the weight of “bad legislation” as thousands of occupants of apartments are being financially buried by escalating earthquake-prone building compliance costs.

Former Wellington apartment owner Hazel Kirkham has put a case to key Government ministers arguing that the earthquake prone building provisions in the 2004 Building Act should be repealed. READ MORE >>