The development at 61 Molesworth Street has completed its initial development phase that consisted of the below groundworks and demolition of existing structure. The project has begun the next phase of construction where the structure is rising from the ground.

Over the past 15 months, there have been some significant milestones achieved including the completion of:
– 52 piles, which when added end to end would equate to 2.2km worth of length
– 2 of the largest concrete pours undertaken in LT McGuinness history to create the bridging slab of the main sewer interceptor running through Thorndon
– Demolition of the existing structure that was left on the site post Kaikoura earthquake (2016)

In terms of upcoming activities, the project is in a consistent phase for the next 6 – 9 months as the structure is erected. This involves the construction of the core walls, and the installation of structural steel.

Senior Development Manager, Jay Parag of Precinct Properties NZ Ltd wishes to convey their sincere appreciation to everyone in the community for the ongoing patience and support as they progress with the revitalisation of this area.


Works to be undertaken in the second half of November:

  1. Asbestos removal
  2. Saw-cutting / light demolition work
  3. Removal of discrete portions of the partially demolished wall
  4. Wellington Electricity works
  5. Sewer Interceptor investigations

Please note that these works can be carried out between:

  • 7:30am – 6pm Monday – Friday, with quiet early setup works (not including running of plant or machinery) between 6:30am – 7:30am.
  • 7:30am – 6pm Saturday

All reasonable endeavours will be undertaken to minimise any disruption associated with the works.

Progress at 61 Molesworth Street – October 2022

The following list of works are site enabling and pre-construction tasks needed to begin construction on a new development at 61 Molesworth St (next door to Wellington Cathedral of St Paul).

This includes such things as:

  • Delivery of site sheds
  • Site fencing and signage within our boundary
  • Grid Setout and surveying
  • Saw-cutting / light demolition work
  • Removal of discrete portions of the partially demolished wall
  • Wellington Electricity works
  • Sewer Interceptor investigations

These works will be carried out between 7:30am – 5pm Monday – Saturday with quiet early setup works between 7:00am – 7:30am. All reasonable endeavours will be undertaken by the construction company to minimise any disruption associated with the works.

June 2021

The image above is the illustrative depiction of the new building’s exterior. This is shown in relation to the Cathedral bell tower.

The Thorndon Residents Association has been invited to comment on the Covid 19 Recovery (Fast Track Consulting) Referred Projects Order 2020 Schedule for 55 – 61 Molesworth Street. This is a newly planned building is by Prime Property. The building present on the site prior to this plan was demolished due to earthquake damage. The scope of this project is to construct a 12-storey office building that includes retail or café space, a lobby, loading bays, and basement carpark.

The Association has submitted a set of questions before its final formal submission is authored and submitted. If you wish to comment on the application, please complete the form  https://www.epa.govt.nz/fast-track-consenting/commenting/and return it to the EPA by email to  , or by post or in person.

Details of the development application are available on the Environmental Protection Authority’s fast-track consenting pages: