The proceedings from the Residents2010 Conference are now available. The TRA had representation at this event and was also used as a case study in one of the workshops.

This conference was hosted at Parliament in April of this year and attended by delegates who were mostly representatives of residents associations.

The proceedings contain two significant speeches:
– Beverley Wakem, Chief Ombudsman
– Pat Hanley, Chair of the Social and Civic Policy Institute.

It also includes:
– reports from six workshops;
– a summary of research undertaken during the conference;
– seven recommendations made by the delegates;
– follow-up action on these taken to date.

This conference highlights a growing awareness in the ways residents can organise and empower themselves to help address the paucity of active public participation in local level decision making. There are many concerns about relationships with local governments, and how to remove roadblocks to democracy at the local level.