Donation of goods
Here’s a great idea to consider as part of a cleanup or clear out. The Hospice relies on the generosity of people like you to donate goods. They’re very appreciative of donations of good quality items, from clothing to household items, to furniture, nick-nacks and treasures. The are also grateful to receive large household lots, including furniture and whiteware in good working order.

The shop is an important part of fundraising activities for the Hospice. It carries a wonderful variety of second-hand and new stock. The shops have regular customers spotting items just in!

Thorndon Shop
95 Thorndon Quay
Ph (04) 472 5819
Co-ordinator: Bernie Munn
10am – 4pm Monday – Friday
10am – 2pm Saturday

If you are unable to drop them off, arrangements can be made to pick-up larger items, or house lots, free of charge.