John Vriens
Senior Property Advisor
Property Services
Wellington City Council

Dear Sir


The Thorndon Residents’ Association Inc submits to the Wellington City Council, for its consideration, the following:

1.  Many Thorndon residents currently walk between Hobson Crescent and Turnbull Street using a pedestrian access way through Thorndon School. From Hobson Crescent it begins with a footpath which leads from the staff car park of Thorndon School on to the playing field north of the Thorndon School buildings and proceeds by way of the playing field to the footpath on Turnbull Street.

2.  The proposed road stoppage and subsequent sale could result in pedestrians no longer having access to this access way. At our meeting with the Principal of Thorndon School he assured us that this is not intended. The proposals we make below, with which the Principal is in agreement and which were assisted by Chris Ward of Walking Access who attended our meeting with the Principal should make this pedestrian access way much clearer for everyone.

3.  The Thorndon Residents’ Association proposes:

a) that the footpath on the north of the proposed Turnbull Street sale land be retained for pedestrian traffic allowing the pedestrians to continue to be able to walk between Hobson Crescent and Turnbull Street.

b) that a low fence be inserted along the footpath from the beginning of the school property to direct pedestrian traffic away from the current carriageway and the school grounds.

c) that the pathway then continue around the rear of the emergency water tank at the corner of the playing field and that this pathway be paved and also fenced off from the playing fiend and that the fence continue along the current pathway at the side of the playing field until the path reaches the gate leading to the path to Hobson Crescent.

d) that the path be continued along the whole of the boundary of number 27 Hobson street and fenced off from the parking area and a new entry way be created through the fence on Hobson Crescent.

See the attached map for a representation of these proposals.

4.  These changes would make the pathway much clearer. They would direct pedestrian traffic through the school grounds and way from the car park. They would also make pedestrian access available to wheel chair traffic.

5.  The Thorndon Residents Association also suggests that, as part of the envisaged exchange, The Council negotiate with the Ministry of Education for an appropriate contribution for maintaining and improving the access way with the additional pathways and fencing we have proposed.

6.  The Walking Access Commission support this proposal.

We would be happy to discuss our suggestions with the responsible Council Officer(s).

Yours faithfully

Marion Cowden