The Wellington Study Group has been a part of the Thorndon community for many years. We own a house at 31 Hobson Cres which consists of a flat with a long term tenancy as well as rooms available for hire. The rooms are used by our group and a wide variety of other groups who require a quiet environment for their gatherings.

Many of our members now live some distance from the city so we are interested in contracting a “House Manager” who lives nearby and could help us manage our property.

At present we have contractors who undertake the cleaning and gardening while our members manage the flat tenants and the groups who hire the rooms. We are now looking for a house manager to manage the property under the supervision of the WSG committee. This role would include some or all of the following tasks:-

  • Unlock the building for irregular users without key access who need to enter the building;
  • Arrange for tradespeople to undertake maintenance tasks on the buildings and grounds once approved by WSG, and provide access and overseeing while it is undertaken;
  • Be a point of contact for the cleaner and gardener, maybe helping them when necessary, with the possibility of taking over their contracts if desired;
  • Manage the household supplies for use by hirers and members;
  • Manage the collection of the rubbish bins;
  • Identify and recommend to the WSG committee any maintenance and upgrades which are necessary;
  • Be a point of contact for the flat tenants;
  • Respecting the special nature of the building and the groups who use it.

The nature of the role means that the person must live nearby and be readily available to attend to tasks at the property.

This is a provisional description and we are open to other suggestions to ensure whoever takes on this role is comfortable with what is being asked. The position will be managed under a paid contract.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please contact:-
Larry Purchas (Chairman WSG) on 027 628 6361 or