The image illustrates the extent of residential Thorndon as defined in the WCC’s operative district plan.

Outer Residential comprises 11 valuation properties at the northern end of the suburb:
Rateable Capital Value: $8,885,000
Land Value: $5,285,000

Inner Residential comprises 704 valuation properties:
Rateable Capital Value: $889,022,000
Land Value: $519,159,000

Suburban Centre comprises 22 valuation properties in the village:
Rateable Capital Value: $26,495,000
Land Value: $17,067,000

Please note: errors and omissions are to be expected and in no way are these figures to be relied upon for further analysis of any sort. These data are sourced from several interlinking WCC databases which contain multiple joins and rely on inputs from several internal and external sources. Therefore, these figures are only approximate and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Supplied by WCC, 21 September 2009.