Wellington City Council’s plans seriously affect you!

Did you know that Wellington City Council has, until recently, been considering a series of zones covering almost all of residential Thorndon in heritage restrictions?
If heritage restrictions are introduced to Thorndon, then sensible improvements that owners are presently permitted to make to their homes (provided they comply with the Building Act), would instead require Resource Consent.

Heritage restrictions mean council decides whether or not to grant you a Resource Consent – but either way you’re faced with large additional fees and increased delays – with no guarantee of approval.

The Thorndon Residents’ Association has serious concerns about Wellington City Council’s plans. We consulted professional experts in banking, insurance, property valuation, architecture, energy efficiency and the building industry, for their advice.

This professional advice strongly suggests:

  • Home buyers may be deterred from buying in Thorndon.
  • Property values will be impacted.
  • Your mortgage borrowing may be reassessed by your bank.
  • House insurance costs will rise.
  • Renovation costs will increase.
  • Building delays will be longer.
  • Owners will lose freedom of choice.
  • Energy efficiency will be compromised.v
  • Council will make the design decisions on your home, not your architect or design professional.

Thorndon Residents’ Association position:

  • Council has enough controls to protect Thorndon.
  • These controls are working effectively.
  • Council hasn’t proved any need for heritage restrictions.
  • They’ve failed to consider the impact on property values, residents’ rights, and freedom of choice.
  • Residents are entitled to live modern lives, in suitable, comfortable and convenient housing, without unnecessary costs and heritage restrictions.

What can you do?
Come to one (or more) of these community meetings.
Café-style meetings have been organised for the community to discover how proposed heritage restrictions affect them.
Have your say in deciding the future of your suburb.
Remember, your biggest asset – your house – is at stake!

Meetings are scheduled for these locations:


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