Recycling wheelie bins were introduced across the city in 2011; but not to the properties in Hobson St, situated on the Thorndon Flat.

Residents from Hobson St recently re-approached the Council regarding the earlier assessment of their street as being not suited to Council supplied recycling wheelie bins. The early assessment had indicated that Hobson St had a high volume traffic flow (similar to Tinakori Rd), and that due to the road width there was potential to block access to emergency services.

Recently CitiOperations revisited Hobson St. The results of the re-assessment are that:

  • sidewalks are of sufficient width for wheelie bins – allowing for easy pedestrian flow,
  • road width – with vehicles parked either side – had between 5 and 5.5m clear for two large vehicles to pass,
  • other than during the school drop-off period, the vehicles per hour was as low as 60.

Part of this re-assessment included following both Refuse and Recycling trucks during collections in Hobson St to confirm they posed no risk or significant vehicle delays.

With new data to hand, the Council confirmed that for a number of properties that were located near breaks between residents’ parking bays, recycling wheelie bins would be suitable.

The archive call-log for Hobson St was revisited to re-assess previous requests for recycling wheelie bins that had earlier been declined. Those residents will be receiving a letter in the week commencing 5 November to offer them the option of a recycling wheelie bin and need not re-request an assessment.

Properties that are still considered as not suited include:
– multi-unit dwellings,
– shared drives of more than 5 properties, and
– properties that are not used as residential.

Hobson St residents who feel that they would benefit from a Council supplied recycling wheelie bin and have not already called-in, are now invited to log a request for re-assessment by telephoning the Council on 499 4444.

Zac Jordan, Manager CitiOperations
M. 021 227 8356 or E.