Emma wrote to us …

As summer kicks in we sometimes see an increase in graffiti and tagging in our communities. It is highly frustrating and can leave people feeling victimised and unsafe. I have attached a flyer that gives some information on how to remove graffiti and a voucher for free and/or discounted paint at Resene to help paint out graffiti/tagging. I thought you could put this (or the information contained in it) in your next residents association e-newsletter or let residents know that they can pick a flyer up from their local library.

Click here for an online version of the flyer.

Working together and getting everyone on board is the most effective way to get rid of graffiti in our communities. Every little bit helps.

If you have any questions around graffiti do not hesitate to contact me.


Emma Titcombe
City Safety Advisor, City Safety
City Services and Events
Wellington City Council
P 803 8200
F 801 3681